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Fundraising And Donations For Zoe's Home Animal Rescue

A dog with an empty food bowl

In a world where compassion knows no boundaries, there exists a place where hope is born anew each day. In the heart of Romania, amid the bustling streets and forgotten corners, lies a sanctuary of love and dedication – Zoe's Animal Home Rescue. This haven, far from the glitz and glamour, is where countless lives find salvation, and it's why your support is not just a gesture; it's a lifeline.


A Glimpse into the Struggle


Romania is a land of contrasts, where picturesque landscapes and vibrant culture coexist with a harsh reality. Amidst the beauty, the plight of animals often goes unnoticed. Stray dogs and cats roam the streets, abandoned, homeless, and defenseless. For these innocent souls, life is a daily battle against hunger, disease, and cruelty. It is here that Zoe's Animal Home Rescue emerges as a beacon of hope.


What we do


Founded with a vision to provide a better future for these animals, Zoe's Animal Home Rescue doesn't just save lives; we transform them. Each day, we step into a world where suffering is palpable, where the need is immense, and where the impact of of actions is immeasurable.


Feeding the Hungry Hearts

One of the most pressing needs we have is the desperate hunger that plagues our rescued cats and dogs. Many of them have only ever been able to scavenge for food, and have always been hungry. With your donations, we can ensure that no furry friend goes to bed with an empty stomach. Your support allows us to provide nutritious meals, giving these animals not just sustenance but the hope for a better tomorrow.


Healing Wounded Souls


Medical care is a lifeline for the animals rescued by Zoe's Animal Home Rescue. Many of them bear the scars of neglect and cruelty. With your generous donations, we can provide them the care they so desperately need. From vaccinations to surgeries to neuturing, every donation contributes to their healing journey.


A Safe Haven of Love


Your support helps create this haven of love where scars heal not just on the outside but deep within our animals' hearts.

Donate to us Directly: Support Right Where it's Needed

You can donate to us directly into our bank account. 
Zoe's Home Rescue CIC
Metro Bank
Sort code 23-05-80 
Account number: 52427533

The Easy Fundraising App: Supporting Us with Every Click


In today's digital age, contributing to Zoe's Animal Home Rescue has never been easier.


Through the Easy Fundraising app, you can support us while shopping online. With every click, you help us continue our mission, without any additional cost to you. It's a simple yet powerful way to make a difference.

You can find out about how to donate to us through Easy Fundraising through their website here.


The Impact of Your Donations


But why should you donate?
Why should you stand with Zoe's Animal Home Rescue in their relentless pursuit of change?


Imagine the joy in the eyes of a once-neglected dog when they receive their first belly rub. Picture the happiness in the heart of a kitten, abandoned in the cold, finding warmth and love within our walls.
Envision a sanctuary where no animal knows hunger, pain, or fear – a sanctuary you can help create.


Your donations enable us to extend their reach, to rescue more animals, to heal more wounds, and to provide love where it's needed the most. Your donations help us turn despair into hope, cruelty into compassion, and abandonment into acceptance.


Join us in this extraordinary journey of transformation, and together, we can continue to write stories of love, healing, and redemption, one paw at a time.


Donate today and be the change these animals so desperately need.

Meet Monika

Monika runs the Zoe's Home Rescue in Romania. She is passionate about providing the very best care for the puppies, kittens, cats and dogs that she rescues. 

Running a rescue in Romania is tough work, filled with both tragedy and success, but for Monika, the wag of a puppy's tail or the purr of a kitten who has just had it's first full meal after only knowing hunger and pain makes it all worth while. 

Monika from Zoe's Home Animal Rescue with a rescued cat
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