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Meet Marlo: The Perfect Addition to Your Family! 🐶❤️

🎂 DOB: 21.04.2023

📏 Medium size: 14 kg and 40 cm to the shoulders

✂️ Neutered and ready to join your loving home

🐕 Confident and friendly, Marlo is the life of the party

🎉 Active and playful like any puppy, but not hyperactive

🐾 Good with cats and dogs, a true social butterfly

🍔 Not food protective, he's a gentle soul

👪 Can be re-homed to families with children aged 12 and up

🏡 Marlo's waiting for the perfect forever home—is it yours?

Marlo's heartwarming story:

Marlo and his siblings faced a challenging start in life, found abandoned in a ditch when they were just a few days old. Unfortunately, one of his siblings didn't make it. But Marlo, full of resilience and love, is now ready for a family to call his own. With no known health issues and no behavior concerns, Marlo is the perfect addition to any loving home.

Marlo is all set for his journey to his forever home, complete with neutering, blood testing for Brucella Canis, rabies vaccinations, and all the standard UK dog vaccinations. Plus, we offer door-to-door transport!

Now, let's talk about the kind of home Marlo needs:

* Families with children should have kids aged 12 and older.

* You should have the ability and patience to work on basic training.

* A private, secure garden with 6-foot-high fences is essential, providing him with room to play.

* Consider enlisting a positive reinforcement trainer to help him thrive.

* Mental stimulation training will help him become the perfect, well-rounded pet.

* After a successful home check, you can reserve a spot in his loving heart. Reach out for an adoption form.

* Ensure that everyone in your household is excited to welcome Marlo into your lives.

* Apartments, sorry, but Marlo needs a house with a garden.

* Islands, you're wonderful, but Marlo's heart is set on the mainland.

Don't let Marlo wait any longer for his forever home. Reach out today to give this sweet boy the loving family he deserves. 🐾💖🏡


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