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Introducing Kevin Purry, the Playful Kitten Seeking a Forever Home! 🐱❤️

🎂 Date of Birth: July 7, 2023

🐾 Male Kitten

🌍 Ready for His Forever Home

🎈 The Most Playful and Full of Life Kitten in His Litter

🙀 Friendly with Dogs and Cats

✂️ Neutered

🦠 Tested for FIV/FELV

🔍 Microchipped

💉 Vaccinated Against Rabies and 2 Nobivac Tricat Trio Vaccinations

🧾 Comes with a Health Book and Pet Passport

💊 Treated for Fleas and Intestinal Worms

Kevin Purry's Story: Kevin Purry, along with his siblings and mother, was found living in a drain. Fortunately, they were rescued and are now in a short-term foster home where they enjoy the company of two dogs.

Getting to Know Kevin Purry: Kevin Purry is the most playful and energetic kitten in his litter. He's a bundle of joy and will keep you entertained with his playful antics. If you're looking for a lively and fun companion, Kevin Purry is the perfect choice.

Compatibility: Kevin Purry is friendly with both dogs and cats, making him a great addition to a household with other pets.

Preparing for Kevin Purry's Arrival: When you adopt Kevin Purry, you can rest assured that he's been well taken care of. He's neutered, tested for FIV/FELV, microchipped, and has received vaccinations against rabies and two Nobivac Tricat Trio vaccinations. He also comes with a health book and pet passport, ensuring his health records are in order. Additionally, he's been treated for fleas and intestinal worms, so he's healthy and ready to become a part of your family.

Reserving Kevin Purry: Kevin Purry can be reserved after a successful homecheck. If you're interested in offering Kevin Purry a loving home and becoming his forever family, please contact us for an adoption form.

Don't miss the opportunity to bring this playful and adorable kitten into your life! 🏡❤️🐾


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