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Meet Dee, the Darling Pup! 🐶🐾

Updated: Jan 3

🎂 DOB: 27.03.2023

✂️ Spayed: All set for her next adventure!

🐶 Breed: A lovable mystery blend

📏 Size: Medium, now a cuddly 18 kg

😇 Sweet and affectionate, she'll melt your heart

🐕 Good with dogs, a social butterfly in the canine world

😺 Cats, watch out for her bouncy spirit—she's a bit too energetic for feline friends

🏡 Ready to find her forever home

Dee's story is a testament to resilience and hope:

🐾 She was found abandoned with her siblings by the river when they were just a few weeks old. A true survivor!

🤗 Dee may be a bit shy at first, but she's all about spreading love and affection.

🚫 No behavior issues, but remember, transitioning to a new environment can bring new discoveries. Our rescue team is here to provide support every step of the way.

Dee is a bundle of love and energy, always ready for cuddles and strokes. She's a social pup who gets along swimmingly with other dogs.

Now, let's talk about the kind of home Dee needs:

* A home with children aged 14 and up is the ideal fit.

* You should have the patience and willingness to work on basic training.

* A private, secure garden with 6-foot-high fences is essential, providing her with ample space to play and explore.

* Consider enlisting a positive reinforcement trainer to help her shine.

* Mental stimulation through training will make her the perfect, well-rounded pet.

* After a successful home check, you can reserve a place in her heart. Reach out for an application form.

* Ensure that everyone in your household is eager to welcome Dee with open arms.

* Apartments, sorry, but Dee needs a house with a garden.

* Islands, you're fantastic, but Dee's heart is set on the mainland.

Dee is all set to embark on her journey from her current home to the UK. She's undergone blood testing for Brucella Canis, received rabies vaccinations, and had all the standard UK dog vaccinations. She's got a microchip, health book, and pet passport—all up to date. Plus, we offer door-to-door transport!

Are you ready to bring this darling pup into your loving home? Don't hesitate! Dee is eager to find her forever family. 🏡🐾


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