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Meet Brandy: The Sweet and Playful Companion You've Been Searching For! 🐾❤️

🎂 DOB: 20.12.2020

📏 Shoulder height: 52 cm

⚖️ Weight: 18 kg

✂️ Neutered: Will be when fully vaccinated

🐕 Wirehaired German Pointer cross

🏠 Location: Outside in a kennel in Romania

👶 Child-friendly: Yes, great for families with kids 12 and up

😺 Cat-friendly: No, she's not a fan of our feline friends

🐾 Gets along with other dogs: Yes, she's a social butterfly

🤝 Friendly with strangers, always welcoming new friends

🎉 Playful and sweet, the perfect companion

💪 Active but not overly energetic

🍔 Not food protective, she shares nicely

🐇 High prey drive, so no cats or small animals in the home, please

💖 Affectionate and confident, ready to steal your heart

Brandy's Heartwarming Story:

Brandy was discovered in a field with her puppies, and a kind family took them in, providing shelter and care. Four of the puppies found loving homes nearby, but Brandy and her three daughters are still waiting for their forever families. Despite her previous hardships, Brandy is healing well and is ready for a fresh start in life.

A Glimpse of Brandy's Personality:

Brandy is a medium-sized sweetheart with moderate activity levels. She's very affectionate and enjoys being around people, especially to receive attention. She's comfortable on a leash and even knows how to behave in the car, making travel a breeze. Although she's welcoming to people, Brandy is not compatible with cats, so a cat-free home is essential.

Brandy comes with the full package for a safe and comfortable journey to your loving home, including spaying, blood testing for Brucella Canis, rabies vaccinations, and all the standard vaccinations to UK standards. Plus, we offer door-to-door transport!

Brandy's Home Requirements:

* Families with children should have kids aged 12 and older.

* You should have the ability and patience to work on basic training.

* A private, secure garden with 6-foot-high fences is necessary for her playtime.

* Consider enlisting a positive reinforcement trainer to help her thrive.

* Mental stimulation training will help her become the perfect, well-rounded pet.

* After a successful home check, you can reserve a spot in her loving heart. Reach out for an adoption form.

* Ensure that everyone in your household is excited to welcome Brandy into your lives.

* Sorry, apartments won't do; Brandy needs a house with a garden.

* Islands are lovely, but Brandy's heart is set on the mainland.

Don't keep Brandy waiting any longer for her forever home. Reach out today to give this sweet girl the loving family she deserves. 🐾💖🏡



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