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Digger: The Pawfect Companion Ready for His Forever Home! 🐾🏡

Updated: Jan 4

🎂 DOB: 01.09.2022

📏 Smallish medium size: 15 kg with adorable short legs and a long body

✂️ Neutered and ready to be your loyal friend

🏡 House trained and used to the comforts of indoors

🚶 Good on a leash and loves his daily walks

👋 Confident and friendly with strangers

😇 Sweet and affectionate, Digger is a bundle of love

🐶 Good with dogs and cats, a true socialite

🍔 Not food protective, he's a true gentleman

👪 Can be rehomed to families with children aged 12 and up

🧡 Digger is the pawfect boy still searching for his forever home 🥹

Digger is in our Paws In Peril category because having lived in a home in the past, he's starting to struggle being in the pens. He's getting sad, and sitting apart from the other dogs. He needs a home to call his own.

Digger's heartbreaking story:

Found abandoned as a young puppy, Digger was taken in by a foreign university student who cared for him for four months. Sadly, the student had to return to their home country, and so Digger is in search of a loving forever family. He's been living indoors and is now ready to experience the warmth and love of a permanent home, away from the cold pens where temperatures can drop to -16°C. Let's make his dream come true!

Digger comes with a clean slate—no behaviour issues and no known health problems. While adjusting to a new environment can bring surprises, our dedicated rescue team will be there to support you every step of the way.

Now, let's talk about the kind of home Digger needs:

  • Families with children should have kids aged 12 and older.

  • You should have the ability and patience to work on basic training.

  • A private, secure garden with 6-foot-high fences is essential, providing him with room to play.

  • Consider enlisting a positive reinforcement trainer to help him thrive.

  • Mental stimulation training will help him become the perfect, well-rounded pet.

  • After a successful home check, you can reserve a spot in his loving heart. Reach out for an application form.

  • Ensure that everyone in your household is excited to welcome Digger into your lives.

  • Apartments, sorry, but Digger needs a house with a garden.

  • Islands, you're wonderful, but Digger's heart is set on the mainland.

Digger is all set for his journey, complete with blood testing for Brucella Canis, rabies vaccinations, and all the standard UK dog vaccinations. Plus, we offer door-to-door transport!

Don't let Digger spend another winter in the pens—give him the love and warmth of a forever home.

Are you ready to open your heart and home to this sweet boy?

Reach out to give Digger the life he truly deserves. 🐾💛🏡


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